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Dog Tracks

is a tool for logging and measuring your dog training sessions with real time GPS and Google Maps.

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Divide The Bill

splits a restaurant bill and lets you to know exactly how much each person should pay according to what he or she has ordered.




Current version 1.5.6

Released: 2016-11-30

Fixed problem when adding a photo to a dog.

Fixed problem where the distance in yards where wrong.

Version 1.5.3

Updated track info page.

Various bugs fixed.

Version 1.4

Share track as a "Blind" track.

New icon for sharing tracks.

Bug solved: Accidentally exiting a track by swiping left-to-right.



Current version 2.2.10

Released: 2016-11-02

New: Version number and Android version is now shown in app settings

Changed: Link to the new DogTracks Facebook page

Fixed: Memory problem that caused the app to crash when reading the instructions

Fixed: Problem to add a picture of the dog

Version 2.2.3

Updates for external storage access for Android 6.0

Version 2.2.1

Updates for Android 6.0


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Dog Tracks

Dog Tracks is a tool for measuring and logging your dog training sessions.

Walk a track, monitor the time when it settles and then follow the track to compare your dogs track to the original walk.

The track can contain markers and you can log the current weather for future comparisons.

faqFrequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the track not exactly were I walked?
  • The precision in the GPS chip in mobile devices vary between different models and is also subject on the GSP signal from the sending satelites. Houses, thick forest and mountains may affect the signal and thereby the accuracy of your track. Also some devices take some time to collect the satelites when starting the app. Dog Tracks monitors the GSP signal and displays the GPS accuracy in the top right corner of the map.
  • Why is the app not free?
  • Between designing, prototyping, testing and actual development we have spent hundreds of hours of our spare time, evenings and weekends. In order to keep delivering upates and new apps to our fans we need to take out a charge.

Current version 1.3

Improved usability for adding and renaming persons

Enlarged the click-able area around some buttons

Version 1.2

You can now set the tax value using decimals e.g 12,34%

Names are saved for future use

Version 1.1

Resolved issue with default value for tax and tip

Divide The Bill

Divide the Bill lets you, in a fast and easy way, split a restaurant bill. Unlike other applications Divide the Bill allows you to calculate exactly how much each person should pay according to what he or she has ordered.

You can use Divide the Bill if you want to split the bill equally too.

Divide the Bill also includes settings for tip and tax calculation.

faqFrequently Asked Questions

  • Why can I not use decimals in tip and tax settings?
  • Update to the latest version to use decimals in tax and tip settings.
  • The names are lost for each time I start the app?
  • Update to the latest version to persist entered names when the app i closed.


We are an engaged group of developers with different skills but with a common enthusiasm for app development. Our background in application development for various retail and ecommerce knowledge give a good base for creating appealing apps with the user in focus.

If you have idéas for an app that you want to share or you would like to use our services don't hestiate to contact us using the contact info below.

faqFrequently Asked Questions

  • Why have you only released apps for Android and IOS and not for Windows?
  • We started with the Android and IOS platforms as these are the most widely spread systems. So far we have not had any requests for a windows version but if there's a demand for it we will include it in our backlog.
  • What line of market can you do?
  • We have extensive knowledge about the online and offline retail business, both business-to-consumer and business-to-business, as well as a good understanding about usability which suits most markets. Send us an email and we'll see if we can't help you out.